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Grants and Contracts

1. Grants Received

Central Catecholaminergic Mechanisms Involved in the Antihypertensive Actions of Propranolol, (Co‑PI), South Carolina Heart Association, 1981‑1982, $10,000.

Opioidergic Systems as a Site of Antihypertensive Drug Action (PI), Georgia Heart Association, 1983‑1985, $45,965.

Identification and Characterization of an Unknown Arachidonic Acid Metabolite (PI), Biomedical Research Support Grant, 1983‑1984, $10,000.

Altered Vascular Reactivity of Arterial and Venous By‑Pass Grafts (PI), Biomedical Research Support Grant, 1984‑1985, $3,700.

Prostaglandin Research, Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals, 1984‑1985, $2,100.

Pharmacokinetic and Efficacy of SC 39584, G. D. Searle Company, 1984‑1985, $15,538.

Ocular Bioavailability of Cyclosporin in Rabbits. R. L. Kaswan (PI); R. L. Tackett (Co‑I), Veterinary Medical Experiment Station, 1984‑1985, $13,947.

Opiate Bioregulation of Luteinizing Hormone in the Postpartum Anestrous Beef Cow. T. E. Kiser (PI); R. L. Tackett (Co‑I), U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1987‑1989, $130,000.

Vascular Reactivity of Arteries with Low Grade, Chronic Injury, C. A. Rawlings (PI); R. L. Tackett (Co‑I), Georgia Heart Association, 1985‑1986, $21,625.

Catecholamines and Hypertension, R. L. Tackett (PI), Biomedical Research Support Grant, 1986‑1987, $10,000.

Mechanisms of Vasospasm in Arterial Grafts. R. L. Tackett (PI), C. A. Rawlings (Co‑I), Georgia Heart Association, 1986‑1987, $24,156.

Unrestricted Gift. R. L. Tackett (PI), Sandoz, Inc., 1986, $500.

Unrestricted Gift. R. L. Tackett (PI), Squibb, Inc., 1986, $300.

Unrestricted Gift. R. L. Tackett (PI), Ciba‑Geigy, 1986, $200.

Unrestricted Gift. R. L. Tackett (PI), LSU Vet. School $600.

Validation and Application of Pharmacokinetic Models for Interspecies Extrapolations in Toxicity Risk Assessments of Volatile Organics. C. E. Dallas (PI), J. V. Bruckner, (Co‑I), J. M. Gallo, (Co‑I), R. L. Tackett (Co‑I), U. S. Air Force, 1987-91, $380,441.

Opiate Mechanisms in Renal Function. R. L. Tackett (PI), National Kidney Foundation of Georgia, 1988‑89, $10,100.

Stability and Biocompatibility of Zidovudine. J. M. Gallo (PI), R. L. Tackett (Co-I), Shiley Infusaid Inc. 1989-1990, $45,975.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program. R. L. Tackett (PI). Georgia Heart Association, l990, $2750.

Interspecies Extrapolations of Halocarbon Respiratory and Tissue Kinetics: Applications to Predicting Toxicity in Different Species. C. E. Dallas (PI), J. V. Bruckner (Co-I), J. M. Gallo (Co-I), R. L. Tackett (Co-I), U.S. Dept. Defense, 1991-1994, $479,243.

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt Cultural and Educational Bureau Peace Fellowship Program, 1991, $6,500.

Visiting Summer Faculty Program: A Tool to Enhance Pharmaceutical Education and Recruit Graduate Students. R. L. Tackett (PI), J. T. Stewart (PI), American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy GAPS Program, 5/91 - 6/92, $27,500.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program: Vascular Pharmacology. R. L. Tackett (PI), Georgia Heart Association, 1992, $2,750.

Assays to measure chloroxazone metabolism in human plasma and urine samples. J. T. Stewart (PI), R. L. Tackett (Co-I), Microbiological Associates, Inc., 9/92 - 12/93, $34,400.

Quality Assurance for Pharmaceutical Development. R. L. Tackett (PI), J. T. Stewart (Co-PI), Rhone Meriuex, Inc., 5/93 - 5/95, $15,000.

In vitro evaluation of racial differences in vascular reactivity. R. L. Tackett (PI), American Heart Association Georgia Affiliate, 7/93 - 6/95, $66,000.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program: Vascular Pharmacology. R. L. Tackett (PI) Georgia Heart Association, 6/93-9/93, $2,750.

1994 Summer Undergraduate Research Program: Vascular Pharmacology. R. L. Tackett (PI) Georgia Heart Association, 5/94 - 8/94, $2,750.

Contractile Effects of Recombinant Endothelin Peptides on Human Vessels. R.L. Tackett (PI), D. Puett (Co-PI), UGA Biotechnology Grant, 7/95-6/97, $60,000.

Protein Engineering of Endothelin a Potent Vasoconstrictor and Mitogen. D. Puett (PI), R.L. Tackett (Co-I), Georgia Heart Association, 7/95-6/96, $33,000.

1995 Summer Undergraduate Research Award: Vascular Pharmacology, R.L. Tackett (PI), Georgia Heart Association, 5/95-9/95, $2,750.

Clinical Criteria to Aid in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Postoperative Pain in Cats. S.W. Allen (PI), J.D. Smith (Co-I), J.E. Quandt (Co-I), R.L. Tackett (Co-I). Morris Animal Foundation 1995-1997, ($7,058 - 1st year; $12,433 - 2nd year) $19,491.

1995-96 Undergraduate Research Participation Award for Kanili Shoemaker, R.L. Tackett (PI), American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, 1995-96, $7,000.

Determination of Objective Clinical Criteria to Aid in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Post Operative Pain in Cats. S.W. Allen (PI), J.D. Smith (Co-I), J.E. Quandt (Co-I), R.L. Tackett (Co-I) VMES, 1994-1996, $11,014.

Emerging Trends in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Minority Populations. R.L. Tackett (PI). Merck, Inc., 1995-96, $10,000.

1996 Summer Undergraduate Research Award: Mechanisms Responsible for Racial Differences in Vascular Reactiviy, R.L. Tackett (PI), Georgia Heart Association, 6/96-8/96, $2,750.

Racial Differences in the Production of Free Radicals. R.L. Tackett (PI), 1996 University of Georgia Faculty Toxicology Research Grant, 1996-1997, $8,000.

Vascular Reactivity of Bucindolol and Its Metabolites in Human Saphenous Vein. R.L. Tackett (PI), Astra Merck, Inc. 1997-1998, $10,528.

Hypertension in Minority Populations. R.L. Tackett (PI), Merck, Inc. 1997-1998, $5,500.

Three Dimensional Animation of Signal Transduction Processes. Learning Technologies Grants Program, University of Georgia, S. Lewis (PI), J Moore (Co-I), T Murray (Co-I), D Ferguson (Co-I), G Edwards (Co-I), L Cowgill (Co-I), T Melton (Co-I), R Tackett (Co-I), D Puett (Co-I), 2000-2, $30,000.

Evaluation of a New Formulation of Ibuprofen. Banner Pharmacaps, Inc. R.L. Tackett (PI), B. Flatland (Co-I), 2002-3, $10,188.

Fumonisin Research. USDA. R.L. Tackett (PI), K. Voss (Co-PI), 2002, $1420.

Fumonisin Research. USDA. R.L. Tackett (PI), K Voss (Co-PI, 10/02-9/03, $17,036

Fumonisin Research USDA, R.L. Tackett (PI), K Voss (Co-PI), 10/03-9/04, $17,688.

Development and Dissemination of a Multimedia Critical Prescribing Skills Curriculum. RL Tackett (PI), M Perri, III (Co-PI), P Brooks (Co-I), C McDuffie (Co-I), 2006-8, $396,490.

Learning Biological Processes Through Animations and Inquiry: A New Approach. JS Oliver (Program Director), JN Moore (Investigator), SA Brown (Investigator), AS Cohen (Investigator), RL Tackett (Investigator), S Templin (Investigator), P van Scotter (Investigator), C Ward (Investigator), GL Edwards (Investigator), R Griner (Investigator), DJ Hurley (Investigator), W Li (Investigator), TP Robertson (Investigator), NIH, 2008-2013, $1,296,673

Pharmacokinetics of Carboxymethylcysteine and N-Acetylcysteine. Keil Pharmaceutical Co.,2009-10, $10,000

Development of a Mental Health Medications for Children and Adolescents Education and Resource Toolkit. Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, State of Georgia, 2010-11, $5,000

Invited Talks

"New Concepts on Drugs with Beta Blocking Properties," Auburn University, Auburn, AL, 3/82.

"Magnesium and Digitalis," Gordon Conference, Plymouth, NH, 8/82.

"Cardiac Glycosides," St. Mary's Hospital, Athens, GA, 4/83.

"Presynaptic Actions of Propranolol," Department of Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

"Drug‑Food Interactions," Student Dietetic Association, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 11/83

"Drug Abuse," Green Acres Baptist Church, Athens, GA, 3/84.

"Sympathomimetic Drugs Used in Respiratory Therapy," Athens Vocational Technical School, Athens, GA, 1/84.

"Cardiac Glycoside Toxicity," Robert Wilson Pharmaceutical Association, Athens, GA, 5/84.

FDA Short Course, "Bioassay and Biological Controls," Athens, GA, 7/84.

FDA Short Course, "Pharmacology," Athens, GA, 7/84.