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Most doctors strive to do the “right thing” but it is difficult.

Gauntlets have been put in place that cannot be maneuvered by those who strive to do their best and do not cut corners.Image result for doctor on a leash

The current environment precludes creativity and despises independent thought. Both professional and private life is held to demands of the unthinking obtuse. It defies logic, reasoning and common sense. Doctors have become nothing more than collared dogs, leashed and led by the authoritative pronouncement of unexamined, illegitimate and irrational authority. Evidence-base, critical reasoning and common sense have taken a back seat to power and control. screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-05-29-pmMy hero’s in medicine both historically and personally have always been the maverick’s -those doctors with superlative and almost preternatural clinical acumen who can make the right diagnosis when no one else could or have made daring and unprecedented contributions to the field. One example would be Dr. William Morgan who helped Boston win the World Series a dozen years ago by performing a surgical procedure he invented on Curt Schilling’s ankle that allowed him to pitch when all the other experts said it was impossible. It worked. When someone makes a diagnosis that eludes others or pioneers an innovative mechanism to improve the science of medicine it is an event that should be cheered and applauded not jeered and dismissed. Doctors have been subjected to an intentional diminution of stature and much of this has to do with the moral panics and bogus dangers of doctors that has been spewed to the public by these very same organizations as they have gained a seat at the table of power.

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British Journal of Medicine